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University Press of Florida


Above: Halloween at UPF. Images courtesy of

University  Press of Florida

Editorial, Design and Productions Intern
Aug. 2020—Dec. 2020

  • Copyedit manuscripts through InCopy

  • Proofread manuscripts through Adobe Acrobat

  • Mark design codes with Word macros

The University Press of Florida prioritizes their interns. Guided by more experienced editors, I mastered in-line editing and how to wield design macros; weekly, the then-interim, now permanent, editor in chief—Stephanye Hunter—taught us tips to success in the publishing. One such seminar, titled "Trends in the Publishing Industry," questioned the academic presses' transition to open-access and analyzed the "death" of the monograph.

I learned most, though, through independent work. Working from home in the pandemic, I finalized (on the editing side) over 15 books, including my favorites Navigating Life and Work in Old Republic São Paulo by Molly C. Ball and Jacksonville and the Roots of Southern Rock by Michael Ray FitzGerald.

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